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What's YOUR Softball Goals for 2017?

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I must admit I don't believe in resolutions.   They are temporary and don't seem to make a lasting change to your situation. I do, however, strongly believe in GOALS.  Goals are attainable, realistic and can be life changing.
So what are your players goals for the next 365 days? If you don't know, then start posing that question to them.  The best way to make strong impactful improvement to your game is to have a vision of what you want to accomplish and what it will take to get there. 

Here's 5 easy ways to create goals;

1.Be realistic- if your a slapper you won't immediately become a power hitter.   But if you want to hit for more power than set a goal.   If your fastest pitch registers at 55 don't say I want to hit 65 in 2 months.   Look to gradually increase your speed by a mile or two. That's huge!
2. Set a timeline to accomplish your goals.   No goal is going to happen if your attitude is I'll get there when I get there.   Give yourself a reasonable yet challenging amount of time .
3. Be specific.   You must be very detailed in your goal.    Here's an example; I want my time to first to drop from 3.2 to 3 vs I want to run faster to first.   The more specific your goals the more likely you are to reach them.
4. Choose 3-5 to start with.   I say this because change can be overwhelming and you can't discount the amount of time it will take to achieve them.   If you overwhelm yourself with too many it can lead to a frustrating situation.
5. Don't set yourself up to fail.   I ask players consistently what their goals are.   I've heard some pretty crazy answers.   Do not set a goal that you will never attain. Here's what I mean; I had a girl say I want my time to first to be 2.6.  Ok that's a legit, crazy fast time usually reserved for lefties that are just freakin speed maniacs.   So if your current time to first is 3.3 that's a tough goal.   Start with something a little more attainable and go from there.   I don't ever want to shoot down anyone's dreams but I also don't want them to set themselves up for a goal that doesn't make sense.   I'd rather Set players up for success .
So there you have it. Here's to an awesome 2017. I'd love to hear some of your players goals! I'll help out in anyway I can!

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